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Genital Piercing

Genital piercing has been around for many years. Historically it may be hard to set exact dates but it is known that some tribes in Borneo had bones inserted in the penis or in the glans. The Kamasutra mentions the Sanskrit that has set out the rule of sensuality and love among the Hindu society.

Their penis was adorned with jewels.It is possible that someone out there has genital piercing. While you can see a nose ring, lip ring or belly ring, only an inconspicuous metal detector would let you know there was genital piercing.With the popularity increasing, more and more people who cringe at the thought cannot figure out why someone would actually do "it." It is not secret that Prince Albert had a ring to keep things in place during formal occasions.

Apparently the Victorian population he was exposed to caused frequent arousal.There are legends that abound about Arabs, Greeks or African cultures that pierced their genitalia routinely. There are also legends that say nipple rings began with the Romans to keep their toga in place. Not true for the most part.While it is general practice in some cultures, its popularity is recent and Western. Studies have been done to determine the age of the genital piercing ritual.

Most of the newfangled names came about in the 1970's in Europe and the United States. No ancient rights of passage are involved in the history of genital piercing.Those who disapprove or are uncomfortable with the piercing want to believe it came from ancient times in far away places, but that is not the case. It is not something that is restricted to tribal rituals, but to piercing parlors all over Europe and the US.During the 19th century those of European society began having genitals pierced.

The husband of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, is said to have had that "dressing ring" described earlier.After WWII it's popularity increased. Its popularity did not ebb until the 70's with the punk movement and some SM and gay cultures. From Los Angeles to the mainstream of America, the practice grew.Types of Genital PiercingSome credit needs to be given to some of the piercers.

They can get quite creative when the need is there. They are happy to create any number of jewels and holes for clients.Women get the vertical clitoral hood most often. It is easy to do and quick to heal. Owners claim it is fun to have. The piercing is directly above the clitoris and stimulates it at times. There are other variations but physical dimensions prohibit the use of some.

If women have large enough labia, they too can be pierced.Men, on the other hand have quite a selection of places to choose from. One of the most popular is still the Prince Albert. While common, the fact that it goes through the urethra and out the glans makes it messy to urinate standing up. There is also a popularity for piercing between the anus and scrotum and between the anus and the loose skin on the underside of the penis, the frenum.You won't hear about it or see it often, but it is being done on a fairly regular basis.

Genital Piercing - a Private Matter

The Gauntlet in Los Angeles, was a forerunner in the genital piercing business. They have created and studied the whys and wherefores of the motivation of their clients.

While body piercing has been noticed more and more through the years, the reasons were obvious. A nose ring, eyebrow ring or lip or tongue ring was to draw attention to the person pierced. Genital piercing, on the other hand isn't seen except by the person and a select few.It is totally a secret happening. It doesn't make up the basis for cocktail party chatter or other social events. It would be like buying a mink coat and only wearing it at home.

Not exactly the norm, by any means.The common motivation, according to Angel, former manager of the Gauntlet is sexual. Penal implants can increase stimulation for the persons partner. Vertical clitoral hoods (VCH) stimulates the person that is pierced. Couples often get piercings that are compatible with each other. Women who have difficulties achieving orgasm have had better success with a VCH, according to Angel.

There are those naysayers that claim that genital piercing is merely a form of masochism. They feel there could be no other reason to stick a needle through such a sensitive portion of the anatomy. There are psychiatrists and psychologists to categorize it as a form of cutting or other self-destructive behavior.

According to professional body piercers, this is not the case. They do not believe that it has anything to do with masochism. The reasoning is that it isn't that painful. The terms sting or pinch are more appropriate than pain when describing piercing. The purpose of genital piercing is for increased pleasure not pain or prevention of sex.There are devotees that believe there is a possible spiritual component to the practice.

They will claim that modern society has destroyed many rites of passage from the old times. This is unfounded when you consider that it is not a "ceremony" but a private moment. It does not involve society as a whole, but merely the recipient. That is not what a "rite of passage" is.There are certain risks involved in genital piercing.

The problem is determining the degree of risk. It is not an easy subject to study. There is a possibility that there are side effects that have not, as yet, come to light. As the numbers of people getting pierced increases, the risks will become better known.The most common side effect is infection.

This is the result of improper technique. Either the instruments are not sterilized properly or the area to be pierced has not been adequately cleansed. The reputation of the studio is important. By investigating the habits of the piercers, you may be able to determine and prevent the possibility of life threatening disease. Things such as hepatitis, HIV and other STD's can be passed through the process.

Some genital piercing can result in scarring or narrowing of the urethra. Improperly performed it can also cause impotency. Bleeding is another side effect, but some blood in the area is good, as it promotes healing. Most important is finding a professional who has had vast experience in genital piercing. It's difficult to ask for references, but it is important to know the piercer's track record.


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